Saturday, September 23 2017

Melbourne, Australia

10:00am to 5:00pm

AlterConf is a traveling conference series that provides safe opportunities for marginalized people and those who support them in the tech and gaming industries. By highlighting the powerful voices and positive initiatives of local community members, we build hope and strengthen the community’s resolve to create safer spaces for everyone.

The conferences go beyond the limited definitions and basic discussions of diversity to create a deeper, more nuanced conversation. Each conference features a wide range of speakers delivering critical analyses of tech and gaming culture and presenting their vision for what our community can be.

We invite you to join us as we work toward a more inclusive future.


Creatrix Tiara

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Visas, Immigration, and Trying to Work in Tech/Games

TW: Discusses the immigration system, including the painful parts, which can be triggering to...

Danya Azzopardi


Word power: inclusion through language

TW: Content warning for exclusive language, such as sexist, heteronormative and ableist...

Julie Wotzko

Using the Resiliency learned from Games to Learn Anything

TW: My life story includes child abuse and I have used these techniques to get past those...

Lyndsey Jackson

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Who advocates for people? The need for technology in grassroots movements

TW: Discussions of debt and distress caused by debt, mental health effects

Susannah Emery

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Gaming against Domestic Violence

TW: Domestic Violence, Trauma, Violence against women


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