Melbourne, Australia September 23, 2017
Feedback matters

Feedback matters, whether positive or corrective. It is essential to creating a productive work environment. It shows attentiveness to others' performance. It signals appreciation for a job well done. It redirects undesirable behaviour to offer other productive alternatives. It helps everyone on the team be more focused, more confident, and more capable of doing their best work.

So why are many of us so stingy with feedback? Do we think it is given plenty already? Do we try to avoid difficult conversations? Do we know how to give feedback effectively? Whatever the reasons are, as leaders and team members, we can learn when and how to comfortably offer feedback to others.

This talk will cover why feedback matters, what makes feedback effective, how to overcome your fears, when to give feedback, how to plan for and run a feedback session, and how to manage potentially volatile situations.

This talk is aimed at anyone working in a team environment, either as team leads or team members. It is not a technical talk and is suitable to all levels. The audience will learn how to give and receive feedback, which will help them and their team improve atmosphere and attitude, build their confidence and pride, and help them to succeed individually and as a team.