Announcing AlterConf Sessions: NYC

We're excited to announce our NYC event! With the help of our amazing venue sponsor, Hacker School, we'll be bringing an evening of fun, thought-provoking talks.

Announcing the AlterConf Sessions

Inspired by events I participated in over the past year that showed there was a need for spaces that could move beyond diversity 101, we've created the AlterConf Sessions.

The AlterConf Sessions hope to bring together the full range of diversity in tech and gaming for comraderie and critical discussions. Through these events, we'll be highlighting the important work that is being done within communities that could use support, analyzing why our culture is the way it is, examining how tech and gaming can and does change society, and learning more about how we can work against our own biases to increase diversity and inclusion.

As each event is hyper-local, every Session presents a unique snapshot of an area. By lowering the barriers to participate for both speakers and attendees, we hope to amplify voices that are too rarely heard at tech and gaming events.

We've announced events in two cities - Boston and New York City - and will be adding more AlterConf Sessions in cities all over the US (and hopefully Canada) over the coming months.

Lastly, thank you to everyone who has supported the creation of these events. You're an inspiration.