AlterConf's mission is in changing the face of these industries by bringing amazing, free, accessible content to the companies, communities, and individuals who need it most both online and off.

Collage of AlterConf Speakers

AlterConf attracts a unique community of people from every identity group and level of experience in the tech and gaming industries creating an incredibly diverse audience you won’t see anywhere else. You gain access to cutting edge approaches and conversations around:

  • diverse recruiting and hiring 
  • inclusive employment policies
  • unconscious biases
  • fostering creative and healthy cultures
  • building products and services for a wider audience
  • increasing social and cultural competency
  • unlearning harmful stereotypes
  • developing an empathetic vocabulary
  • understanding the current and historical disadvantages faced by marginalized people

I started AlterConf in June 2014 because I saw discussions of diversity and inclusion were being artificially limited by the industry - we just weren't representing the depth and breadth of people in tech and gaming. Coupling that with a model that removed as many barriers for attendance and speaking through our travelling format meant we could reach people, companies, and communities where they were.

AlterConf is the most diverse and inclusive conference in the industry and we've worked hard to make that happen through:

  • paid opportunities for speakers and freelancers
  • free childcare
  • sign language interpretation services
  • live captioning
  • sliding scale tickets starting at the low price of free
  • accessible venues on accessible public transit
  • gender neutral, accessible restrooms
  • unarmed, non-police security officers
  • healthy, inclusive meals for people with a wide range of religious and dietary restrictions and food allergies
  • mentoring for speakers
  • an actively enforced code of conduct

Donate $100+ between July 12 and July 30, 2016 and receive a care package from Ireland.

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