Hey everyone!

Here at AlterConf HQ we organize 1-2 events per month all over the world! It's a tough pace, but it's important to us to be able to reach people in as many places as possible to reduce the cost to marginalized people who are interested in attending.

So it's with a bit of sadness that we're announcing that May 2nd's Los Angeles event is being postponed. We've struggled with LA in many ways - very little sponsor support, too few ticket sales, and on top of that issues securing a venue that is centrally located + accessible (apparently a feat in LA!). We're investigating options now, but we hope to reschedule LA for either October or early November. We'll keep you posted on developments. In the meantime, you can help us be successful in LA by:

I wanna give a special thank you to our speaker lineup, committed volunteers, ticket holders, and sponsors for Los Angeles. You're all amazing and we can't wait to share a space with you.

<3 Ashe Dryden + the AlterConf Staff