SF/Oakland, CA January 31, 2015
How Unconscious Racism Keeps Culturally Marginalized Black People out of Tech Organizations

Unconscious attitudes and behaviors operate as barriers to properly recruiting, hiring, and retaining more black talent in the tech and gaming industries. I will present and discuss scenarios that block diversity through the complementary lenses of racism and classism, especially as it relates to the lack of diverse participation of "lower class" African Americans. I'll lay out a few scenarios and talk a bit about how racism and classism contribute.

Unwelcoming, unaccommodating, or ostensibly overly homogenous work or event environments that are difficult to enter or endure by some black people; some women's rights goals are being met, but huge inequities still exist in comparison to black women; the need to recognize and stop assuming that white women's victories are victories for all women. Appropriating, incorporating, signifying and re-contextualizing African American imagery - how symbols, gestures and cultural tropes are used by middle and upper class white culture identified outsiders; a lack of cultural or class sensitivity combined with a general insistence on practicing political correctness can be perceived as a weapon used against black people of a different social class; and more.