San Francisco, CA June 4, 2016
Crash Through that Glass Ceiling: Strategies for Achieving Success Despite Societal Limitations

Experiencing adversity while aiming to thrive within the non-diverse tech industry is a story told far too often for us to accept. The limiting pre-judgements automatically thrown on someone simply because of how they look or what they personally identify as are entirely arbitrary restrictions that should never stop anyone from being taken as seriously as their peers, and especially not define their course to success. Understanding the potential of taking the reigns to empower yourself despite these restrictions can help carve untapped possibilities for this generation of dreamers. This talk will cover fundamental techniques and tangible strategies on how to rid of and rise above the limits being placed on you as told by a young, black, female executive in tech continuing to push bounds. Hear how you can effectively carve strong paths ahead to thrive successfully and ensure you truly feel as empowered as you need to let the word know you’ll stop at nothing to reach the success you know you desire and deserve.