Portland, OR October 1, 2016
Year 0: The Lies They Tell You

Maybe you're a newly minted bootcamp grad, a self-taught career changer, or just plain new to the tech industry and you are beyond excited because of how much damn effort it took to get to this point. But behind the promise of luxurious working conditions, big paychecks, and respect bordering on awe from non-techie friends, family, and acquaintances is a reality that isn't mentioned in those headlines that claim a tech career is the greatest thing ever.
Not everyone's first job is what they expect or even want, but we are told that we must pay our dues if we want to reach the level(s) we desire. But there is a difference between entry-level and toxic. This talk seeks to highlight warning signs that you may be headed into a toxic waste dump of a job, to provide tips for navigating your way out of the mire of an abusive first job and, above all, to act as a safe space for people to talk about this rarely-mentioned aspect of working in the tech industry.