Seattle, WA May 30, 2015
Resisting the Tidal Wave: Making Sure Chronic Disease or Disability Doesn't Upend Your Career

Careers are built on our ability to preform day in and day out, but disabilities and chronic illness often come out of nowhere, throwing a wrench into long term goals and plans. We think there is nothing we can do to prepare, but the truth is few companies, or even medical offices, gives workers all the information available. There are several easy actions you, your family, or your coworkers can take. Did you know that in many cases the disability insurance your company offers can cover your salary almost in full if you have an accident? Or that you can preform simple blood tests years in advance to prepare before you are taken out of the work force completely? Especially for minorities in tech and gaming, there is no reason our representation should be any smaller then it already is. This talk comes from one women only now holding all the information she wishes someone had told her before she spent three years leaving, re-entering, and then leaving the work force again. Listen to this quick presentation to gain the comfort in knowing there are options in the face of the unknowable obstacles of illness or disability.