Venue Questionnaire

We love working with local tech and gaming companies to host us in their space - effectively acting as the conference's venue. AlterConf attracts a unique community of people from every identity group and level of experience in the industry to help you reach an incredibly diverse audience you won’t see anywhere else. You have the opportunity to proudly showcase your commitment to building a more inclusive industry, community, and company. Your public support strengthens your company's relationship with marginalized communities, which positively influences their view of your product and employment with your company.

Companies who are selected to host an AlterConf, along with providing lunch, receive a sponsorship commensurate with the cost of said lunch.

Because AlterConf is very different in our needs as compared to other conferences, networking events, and meetups, we've tried to be as thorough and up-front as possible about what we look for and how we determine if your space would be a good fit.

You can email your questions, concerns, and the link to a shared google document with your answers to the questionnaire to [email protected].

1. Staff

Provide information on our points-of-contact for the event.

  1. Who would be our primary contact person?
  2. Do we need to coordinate with security or A/V or IT staff? If so, please provide contact details.
  3. Do you have on-site security?
  4. What staff will be available and on-site the day of the conference?

2. Dates and Times

AlterConf always takes place on a Saturday or Sunday, avoiding major local events, as well as national and religious holidays. Most conferences will need access to your space from 7:30/8am through 6/6:30pm.

  1. What is your preferred timeframe for hosting?
  2. Is the space available on Saturday and Sundays?
  3. What time would we have access to the space the morning of the event? (We tend to start setting up between 7:30-8am)
  4. What time would we need to be out of the space? (On average we leave around 6pm.)

3. Location

  1. What is the complete address of the space we would be using?
  2. To what address and to whose attention would we send any packages? This might include cases of water or snacks, job fair items from sponsors, AV equipment, and the like. How do we access these items the day of the event?

3a. Parking

  1. How close is parking?
  2. Are there costs associated with parking?
  3. Do you validate parking?
  4. Is the parking area well-lit, gated, and/or guarded?

3b. Public Transit

  1. How close is public transit?
  2. Are the public transit stops accessible to people using mobility devices, service animals, or who are sight impaired?

3c. Outside the event space

  1. Please provide written directions from street level to the accessible entrance of the space we'll be using. Account for usage of ramps and elevators. If available, a map showing the parking area and transit stops, entrances to be used, etc are helpful. Note that all attendees will use the same entrance.
  2. Is the neighborhood well-lit?
  3. Are there unbroken sidewalks and curb-cuts outside the building?
  4. If there are steps into the building or space, are there also ramps or public-use elevators?

4. The Space

From the street through to the event space (including restrooms, kitchen areas, etc):

  1. Will the main entrance to the building be unlocked, require a passcode or badge, or need to be attended by a volunteer?
  2. Are all doors either motion-activated or able to be used with a button?
  3. Do any doorways have lips?
  4. Are elevators for public use? (Note that we cannot use freight/service elevators for attendees.)
  5. Do elevators require keys/badges to operate?
  6. Is the space clean of debris, safe, and easily navigable? (Broken concrete, uneven surfaces, deep/plush carpeting, cables in travel areas, minimum of 3ft around all furniture, etc.)
  7. Are entrances, exits, stairways, elevators, and restrooms clearly signed?
  8. How many people can comfortably be accommodated in the presentation space?
  9. Is all of the space we'd be utilizing on the same floor?
  10. Is it a safe space for small children? (Note that we provide licensed childcare.)
  11. Are environment controls available for adjustment day-of either by AlterConf or on-site staff:
    1. Temperature
    2. Lighting
    3. Volume
  12. Are there any rules we have to agree with to use the space? Note that all of our events have an enforceable-by-AlterConf Code of Conduct.
  13. Will other individuals be occupying the space during our event?
  14. Are there any loud ambient noises we need to be made aware of, such as coffee machines, central air systems, nearby rail lines, etc?
  15. How would you describe the noise level when the space is occupied by a comparable number of people to our event?

4a. Discrete Rooms

  1. Presentation area. This is the main conference space.
  2. Eating, congregating, job fair area. This can be an already established kitchen, large lobby, or all hands space.
  3. Child Care room. If you don't already have one, a small conference room will also work. AlterConf will provide licensed child care professionals. We often have fewer than 5 children requiring child care services.
  4. Breastfeeding/pumping room. If you don't already have one, a private room with a door that locks, comfortable chair(s) and a side table, and without windows will work.
  5. Quiet room. Conferences can be overwhelming, so we like to provide space for people to escape the crowd and noise. A quiet room can be a small conference room or quiet lounge area.

4b. Bathrooms

  1. How many bathrooms (both single and multiple occupancy) are available?
  2. How many accessible stalls or single-occupancy bathrooms are available?
  3. Do bathrooms require keys? Are bathrooms locked outside of regular business hours?
  4. Are we able to convert gendered restrooms to all gender restrooms during the event? (We will provide all signage.)

5. Food & Drinks

  1. We ask our event host to cover the cost of lunch & drinks (cost variable depending on location, but in the US is in the $10-18/pp range).
  2. Are we required to use specific caterers or other providers? If so, do they provide vegan, gluten-free, kosher, halal, and allergen-friendly meals?
  3. Are there areas where food and (non-alcoholic) drinks are not allowed?

6. Furniture and Equipment

  1. Is all furniture on wheels or otherwise easily moveable?
  2. Will the space be setup by your staff or ours?
  3. In what arrangement do we need to leave the furniture at the end of the day?

6a. Seating

  1. How many chairs are available for our use?
  2. Are the chairs padded?
  3. Do the chairs have arms?
  4. Do the chairs have backs

6b. Tables

  1. Five (5) 6ft tables for use in the job fair, standard height (28-32in)
  2. Five (5) 6ft tables for use in the kitchen/eating area, standard height (28-32in)
  3. One (1) 4-5ft table for use at registration, standard height (28-32in)

6c. Stage/Presentation Area

  1. Is there a raised stage? If so;
    1. Is there a permanent, sturdy ramp with a minimum width of 36in and handrails at 34-38in height?
    2. What is the size of the raised stage?
  2. Podiums and tables
    1. What podiums or tables are available for our use on stage?
    2. Are they accessible at a standing (~46in) or sitting (~28in) height?

6d. Equipment

  1. 2 microphones (any of: handheld with mic stand, lavalier or headset, podium-mounted)
  2. soundboard/mixer with XLR or 1/4" feed output
  3. sound available at podium via HDMI or 1/8"
  4. TWO (2) of any combination of the following:
    1. projector (HDMI or VGA)
    2. large moveable monitor (HDMI, DVI, VGA, or mini-displayport input)